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 A key product of AAI, ACE(Accelerated Convergence Expert), is based on the breakthroughs in its proprietary research on fast Monte Carlo simulation methodology. This invention of AAI, Intelligent Simulation incorporating its proprietary numerical sequences, can increase the computation speed in risk management and derivative pricing by up to hundreds even thousands times over current methodologies in the public domain, . Unlike deterministic simulation with currently known LDS or other methodologies , intelligent simulation with ACE offers much faster convergence and better confidence than Monte Carlo simulation for the broad range of all the financial applications.

Real time accurate pricing for complex financial derivatives and real time risk management? It is no longer a dream, but can be a reality for your business operation today, with ACE.

AAI has also developed an object-oriented library, AAL (Advanced Analytics Library), containing the key mathematical functions and the popular term structure models in derivative pricing and risk management.

ACE for Pricing and Trading

ACE for Risk Management

AAL (Advanced Analytics Library),

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