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AAI anounces a breakthrough in its proprietary research on Monte Carlo simulation. The radically new approach---intellegent simulation is based on its invention of completely new, state of the art simulation methodology. AAI is supported by internationally renowned mathematicians and computer scientists in the following fields:

  • Algebraic Number theory
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Probability Theory and Statistics,Time Series
  • Neural Networks and Expert Systems, Machine Learning
  • Partial Differntial Equations
  • Operations Research
  • Numrical Analysis, Fast Algorithms, Complexity Theory
  • Derivatives, Mathematical Finance
  • Dynamical Systems and Egordic Theory

AAI mathematicians and scientists are also conducting research on the other frontiers of mathematical finance, including exploratory methodologies beyond the Efficient Market and Random Walk Hypothesis, jointly with leading accademics in mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics, finance and economics, working closely with practitioners in finance industry. AAI is commited to produce only the world class solutions for our clients, and the total satisfaction of our clients.

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